Haiping Wu

Current Residence
Tingjiang Market-village, Duanfen Town, Taishan

Taishan, China

Past Residence
Boston, USA

Owns & operates the “Lemon Boat” jam shop

Favorite social gathering space
Cangdong Village & Tangkou Liyuan Park

“Nowadays, the market village is not only for local residents, tourists go there too.”

Mr. Wu was born in his family farm village in 1956. During the succeeding decades their village was invaded by the government six times, and eventually returned to them during the reform era. Mr. Wu traveled to Boston in the early 1990’s, where he worked in a Chinatown restaurant for 20 years before moving back to Tingjiang Village. Today, he runs Lemon Boat jam shop, processing and packaging locally sourced citrus products in the ground floor of the Qilou his grandfather built almost a century ago.

“Before the economic reform, our family began to make lemon jam, but stopped afterwards. So I’m just resuming our old business.”

“It floods from April to August, many times (1-2 times per month), the flood comes quickly but also recedes quickly.”

“I really enjoy the living condition here, the environment, air quality, and the people. Since I grew up here, I don’t feel the need to adapt to life in a big city.”