Chengtao Zhi

Current Residence
Shandi Village, Duanfen Town, Taishan

Zhaoqing, China

Past Residence
Zhaoqing, China

Owns & operates an antique shop and homestay.

“Taishan has a deteriorating cultural matrix and an unpreserved fabric”

“The local sense of clanship and collective identity is diminishing”

Mr. Zhi first came to Taishan in 2002 as a tourist. Following successive visits he saw a general deterioration of the local architecture and history, and thus a huge opportunity to start a small business focusing on heritage and culture. He then moved to the area with his family a decade later, and with help from the government was able to start a homestay and antique shop. His aim now is to leverage the contextual culture into aiding the creation of a vibrant tourist economy.

“Duanfen Town and Tingjiang Village mainly relies on external media impetus, lacking the propaganda and promotion from local people and institutions.”

“Taishan has mountains, rivers, seas, streams and even grasslands. These natural resources are all within a radius of 20 miles but are known almost exclusively to the locals.”