Huixiang Zhao

Current Residence
Wangang Village, Sijiu Town, Taishan

Taishan, China

Past Residence
Guangzhou, China; Vancouver, Canada

Owns & operates ‘Wanggang Diaolou’ homestay and restaurant

Favorite social gathering space
Wanggang Village

“My husband and I enjoy building with our own hands. We also hired villagers to work with us.”

Ms. Huixiang grew up in Taishan. She moved to Guangzhou to study, and eventually moved back to Taishan in 2014. Two years later, she opened the homestay focused on local heritage and supporting the local villagers. Occasionally she travels to Vancouver, Canada. In recent years Ms. Huixiang, with two partners, has founded Quaozhu Culture and Tourism LLC, hoping to develop more tourism business for Caoping Village. Today she continues to work with local governments to promote revitalization efforts including: environmental construction, tourist facilities, school renovations, public spaces, and a scenic boardwalk.

“Newcomers and local villagers should work together to promote economic growth for the village.”

“I often go to run on the greenway along the river in the morning.”