Yidan Guo

Current Residence
Sijiu Town, Taishan

Zhongshan, China

Past Residence
Shenzhen, China

Manager at ‘Sijui Shuyuan’ homestay and cultural education center

Favorite social gathering space
Shopping mall in Taicheng City

“Culture is the root of a nation that makes people strong wherever they are.”

“Culture brings people together and the Chinese Dream is the revitalization of Chinese culture. This is why culture is important to me.”

Ms. Guo grew up in Zhongshan, and attended college in the region. After school she worked at a startup, and eventually got asked to work at the Sijiu Book Academy. With that job she moved to Taishan, where she currently resides, helping to manage the academy and spread “cultural confidence”.

“Working with local villages and getting people to really care is an issue.”