Qiting Xu

Current Residence
Sijiu Town, Taishan

Taishan, China

Past Residence
Foshan, China; Shenzhen, China

Human Resources Employee at AGHG Aloe Plantation ︎︎︎

Favorite social gathering space
Shihua Cultural Square and AGHG Aloe Plantation

“There is one public shrine in town. People often come to visit it, and often hold ceremonies such as a marriage. Once a year, the whole village will have a tomb sacrifice ceremony.”

Ms. Xu grew up in the Taishan region but traveled to Shenzhen for college. After working in several cities, the love of her hometown brought her back in 2015. She started working as an aloe farmer for the American Global Health Group. Today she works as the Director of Human Resources, primarily managing  tourism related projects on the aloe farm. In her daily life, she enjoys running in Shihua Square in the morning and accompanying her parents to the farmer’s market.

“I had to work outside of Taishan because there were no jobs before. Now, however, development has brought new opportunities to the city, and more people can find jobs that suit them.”

“There has been a lot of development in the area. Initially, tourists could not get to the aloe plantation because of poor road conditions. Now, roads are paved everywhere. The company has spent extra effort on development projects to try and win financial support from the government.”

“The best time for tourists is December through April. No one likes to come other times of the year- it is too hot to climb the mountain.”